Clear The Air..

This post has nothing to do with Megan, but I’ve been seeing ‘hate’ messages on my tagboard saying that I ‘stole’ pictures from another site. First off I never have and never will. I get my images from friends, fans, and forums just like everybody else. Most of my friends have image accounts where they trade me stuff for the images, if the photographers don’t want me to post the pictures I won’t. I don’t appreciate people coming on my site and telling me hateful things about it and accusing me of stuff I never did or will ever do. I mean if it comes down to it if any Megan Fox fan site owners want to know where I get my pictures, I’ll send you the links to prove I’m not stealing your stuff. I respect every Megan Fox fan site on the net I would never do that. The only thing that could happen is if a fan or a friend photoshopped them and sent them to me without knowing, in that case I would take them down immediately, but never had a problem with people sending me pictures in the past.

Xo. Christine