Megan Fox heats up the big screen with lesbian loving!

We’ve seen some serious girl-on-girl action over the years and most guys aren’t complaining! Lesbian themes have heated up our screens and infiltrated our airwaves for some time now – but have you ever noticed what a little lesbian lovin’ has done for the careers of some of today’s most well-known celebs? The latest screen starlet to try her luck is the stunning Megan Fox.

The Transformers actress is set to get tongues (and tails) wagging with her upcoming zombie movie, Jennifer’s Body. Expect to see Megan get hot and heavy with Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried, complete with a topless scene!

The whole faux lesbian scenario worked for Katy Perry… who would have guessed that the ‘I Kissed a Girl’ singer released a self-titled Christian album under the name Katy Hudson in 2001? It’s only now that Kate’s singing about “the taste of her cherry chapstick” that her career has exploded. Unsurprisingly, Madonna is a huge fan.

For some, lesbianism seems to be turning into a business of its own. Everyone from Anne Heche to the Russian duo t.a.t.u. have been there and done that – and they’re still cashing in!