Megan Fox to kiss Katy Perry?

Megan Fox might be the dream woman for millions of men worldwide but now it seems she is getting her own female fan club.

Singer Katy Perry has admitted that she would love to lock lips with the Transformers babe.

Katy has been having all sorts of offers since her single I Kissed A Girl topped the chart in the US and the UK.

She explained all to The Sun: “On my tour I stay behind to do an autograph signing. But about a dozen women will want a snog. I just sweetly say, ‘No, thank you’

“If I kissed everybody who asked I’d probably go away with something I don’t really want!”

The 23-year-old admitted “I’m not a lesbian, I love men. As for kissing a girl, I’m holding out for Megan Fox.”

Will Megan be kissing Katy any time soon? Only time will tell…