Megan Ready To Be A Step Mother!

Actress MEGAN FOX has become the ideal stepmother-to-be for fiance BRIAN AUSTEN GREEN’s son KASSIUS – she even feels guilty when she’s on location.

The pretty 22 year old loves Green’s six year old just like a mom, and can’t stand it when she’s forced to work away from home.

She explains, “Sometimes I get sad, because sometimes I’m out of town a lot. Brian works but he’s always in town and I have to travel a lot, and sometimes that’s hard, because it’ll be weeks and weeks without seeing Cash (Kassius), and that’s sad.

“Luckily he’s used to it, because both of his parents are in the business, so he’s used to always being in transit. And it’s not so hard on him. But I feel guilty a lot.”

Fox insists she’s the disciplinarian at home – because her fiance feels bad about giving his son, whose mother is actress Vanessa Marcil, a hard time.

The Transformers star adds, “I was raised in the South and my mom was a strict disciplinarian… It’s really easy for me to lay out the rules and make sure that the rules are followed constantly, but I think because he’s from a home with divorced parents, it’s hard for Brian to punish him (Kassius).

“He feels bad that Cash has to always go through the transition in switching homes.”