Shia LaBeouf gets flirty with co-star Megan Fox

Rising star Shia LaBeouf was spotted indulging in a little flirtation with his co-star Megan Fox while on set of the Transformers sequel.

Fox, who was crowed this year’s ‘Sexiest Woman’ by FHM magazine, giggled along as the actor did his best to entertain her between takes.

But it’s likely just harmless fun rather than a budding onset romance, considering Fox has a long term boyfriend, former 90120 star Brian Austin Green.

The 22-year-old LaBeouf is still nursing an injured hand after it was crushed when his truck flipped in car crash in Hollywood earlier this month.

He had his injury written into the script of the sequel to accommodate a full shooting schedule which left no for delay.

LaBeouf was arrested on a suspicion of drink-driving and spent several days in a hospital.

However, a police spokesman announced two days after the crash that LaBeouf ‘was not at fault’.

‘We have strong evidence that the other driver ran a red light,’ Steve Whitmore said.