Megan Fox Costar: "Something Primal About Her"

Up-and-comer Kyle Gallner has a thing for horror flicks. Or so it seems.

In The Haunting in Connecticut, opening tomorrow, he stars opposite Virginia Madsen as a teen battling cancer whose family’s new home in the Nutmeg State is also occupied by ghosts.

And in the upcoming Jennifer’s Body, he’s the local goth in a high school where a cheerleader (Megan Fox) goes on a killing spree of her male classmates.

The role didn’t scare any of Gallner’s friends away…

He says they all asked to come to the set because of—no surprise here!—the beautiful Ms. Fox.

“There’s something primal about her,” Gallner says of Fox. “She’s intense, she’s sweet, and there’s definitely something about her eyes that just stop you cold.”

Jennifer’s Body is screenwriter Diablo Cody’s film follow-up to her breakout hit Juno. “It’s an interesting fusion of horror movie mixed with Diablo’s offbeat sense of humor,” Gallner explains. “It’s this mash-up of all these different genres, but it works out really, really well.”