Megan Fox Joins ‘Jonah Hex’ And ‘Fathom’ Movies, Ups Her Geek Cred

She’s already convinced us fanboys that she can handle working opposite a squad of hulking robots in disguise, so now on-the-rise actress Megan Fox is taking her act to the Old West and underwater to further establish her geek cred.

As The Hollywood Reporter tells us today, Fox is currently in final negotiations to co-star in “Jonah Hex” opposite Josh Brolin and John Malkovich, and furthermore, it’s been confirmed that Fox will star in a feature film based on Top Cow Productions’ “Fathom” to play the lead role of Aspen Matthews.

In addition to starring in “Fathom,” Fox will reportedly help “develop and shape the adaptation” having been a fan of the original comic book series ever since its debut in 1998. The source also notes that there is a chance that Fox may also produce the film as well.

Along with “Green Lantern,” it’s clear that Warner Bros. have been throwing quite a bit of weight behind “Jonah Hex” lately (which follows a horribly scarred bounty hunter (Brolin) on the search for a voodoo practitioner (Malkovich), lining up top notch talent for the lead roles and marking August 10, 2010 as the projected release date for the Western. Meanwhile, as THR notes, it looks as though filming may begin as early as next month with “Horton Hears a Who” director Jimmy Hayward behind the camera.

Meanwhile, the news that Fox is indeed pegged to plunge into the role of “Fathom” (which tells the tale of a woman who finds out she is among a species of aquatic humanoids) is welcome news for fans of the late Michael Turner’s series, as that property has been in a state of development limbo for several years now. While no other cast or a director were announced, we can only imagine that we’ll be seeing more news on “Fathom” in the coming weeks.