Megan Smuggles Drugs in 'The Crossing'

She looks under one hood and now she’s a cinematic sensation lining up the thrillers and geek fare. Just a few weeks after sharing the news that she was going to team up with the so-hot-right-now Mickey Rourke (on top of Hex, Fathom, and Jennifer’s Body), THR’s Risky Biz blog reports that Megan Fox is also running for the border.

The Transformers hottie is going to star in a new border thriller called The Crossing, which comes from the pens of Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi (but doesn’t have a director yet). Fox will play a woman wrapping up a Mexican vacation with her husband when they’re carjacked and her man is kidnapped. In order to free him, she has to smuggle heroin across the border. Clint Culpepper says that the lead “requires a vulnerability to make you care about her but a kind of strength to make you believe she can pull off the things she needs to,” and “Megan has both a vulnerability about her and an unbelievable strength.”

So far, the project just sounds run-of-the-mill, but maybe there are some twists hiding with the heroin. …not that there needs to be any if the flick has enough thrills mixed with problems under the car hood in the sweaty heat.