Megan's not the married type

Good news, guys: Megan Fox has no plans to wed … in the foreseeable future.

“I’m not going to be married – I’m not the marrying type,” Fox tells “Extra.” “And I know what your next question is going to be – you’re going to ask me, ‘Why are you engaged if you’re not the marrying type?'”

Her explanation?

“I am impulsive and I love my boyfriend, but I have no plans of getting married any time soon.”

Fox sounded equally casual about the possibility of matrimony when she spoke with Us Weekly last fall.

“It’s not going to be a big wedding,” she said. “I’m not one of those girls. If it happens, it will be very low-key and quick and unplanned.”

The 22-year-old “Transformers” star has been engaged to former “90210” actor Brian Austin Green since 2006, though their five-year relationship has had its fair share of strife, including a rumored break-up in February.

But relationship problems might not be the only thing standing in the way of a fully settled down Fox.

“I feel like I need to set my career and do a movie other than ‘Transformers,’ ” she says. “Then I’ll explore family.”

Fox stars in “Jennifer’s Body” later this year.