Inside Shia and Megan Fox's Dinner: Friendly, Cake-Filled Fun

While it’s easy to speculate when two sexy young stars enjoy an intimate dinner, we hate to break it to you–Megan Fox and Shia LaBeouf are just pals.

Photos of the Transformers stars enjoying a quiet meal before their Los Angeles premiere on Monday sent Internet tongues wagging, wondering if Michael Bay’s topliners were getting romantic.

“They are such nice kids and they had a friendly dinner before their movie,” restaurateur Angelo Peloni sets the record straight with

The owner of La Bruschetta Ristorante in the Westwood section of LA welcomed the two, where he said dinner was strictly platonic.

“They just seemed like old friends having a nice night. They didn’t touch or hold hands or anything. Shia kept telling Megan jokes and funny stories and she was laughing the whole time,” Peloni said.

And to those who think Fox is on a stringent diet for her blockbuster body, think again.

“Megan ate a whole plate of pasta arribiata and had a glass of wine,” her waiter Rob, the owner’s son, tells us.

“She had the chocolate cake for dessert and she ate the entire middle of the cake. Shia had a few bites but she ate most of it!”

LaBeouf snuck outback for a cigarette before returning to pick up the tab for the duo–where we’re assured he tipped generously.