Megan Fox Role in ‘Jonah Hex’ Merely a Cameo

The good news is that “Jonah Hex” is finally getting the recognition he deserves, with an awesome recent episode of “Batman: The Brave and the Bold,” and an upcoming “Jonah Hex” movie starring Josh Brolin. The better news is that Megan Fox plays a barely-dressed prostitute in the August 2010 film, and that sequels are in the works.

The bad news? Well, Megan is barely in “Jonah Hex.” In fact, when it comes to her role, she even went so far as to invoke the dreaded “c” word.

“It’s basically a cameo,” revealed Fox when we spoke with her recently. “She’s a twisted love-interest to Jonah’s character; my part’s pretty small.”

As fans know, Jonah Hex populates a deadly world filled with lies, lead and life-threatening encounters. Which is why Fox’s next statement made it seem even less likely that her character Leila would be returning for those sequels.

“I worked the first week, and then I was shot out of the movie,” explained the beauty, who can be seen in next week’s “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.” “My scenes with Josh were my favorite, because he really pushed me as an actor. He obviously knows what he’s doing.”

Although the film, directed by relative-newcomer Jimmy Hayward, is a no-nonsense genre flick, Fox was quick to point out that Josh Brolin approached it with the same acting chops as his recent Oscar-nominated work in “Milk.” “He’s a really amazing acting coach,” she said of Brolin’s efforts to help Fox improve as an actress. “He wouldn’t let me slide and do the things that I’m comfortable doing. Like, he really made me uncomfortable. He made me work – which I appreciate. I think that will hopefully pay off for me.”

And although Megan may not get much screentime in “Jonah Hex,” she said that the film is some of her best acting yet – and Brolin’s work may be nothing short of iconic. “He is a sort of chemically-enhanced, nuclear John Wayne on steroids,” Fox said of Jonah.