Fox advises fans to wear “sexy shoes” while watching Jennifer’s Body

American actress Megan Fox thinks her latest flick is so sexy that she has advised movie watchers to put on their “sexy shoes” while watching it.

Fox, 23, is so keen to grab the attention of potential audiences for her teen horror ‘Jennifer’s Body’, that she describes a girl-on-girl kissing scene.

“There’s a relationship that happens between my character and Amanda’s character,” the Sun quoted her as saying.

“There’s a girl-on-girl kiss. This movie is so sexy. You better put on your sexy shoes for this one.

“Beyond that, before every kill, there’s a seduction that occurs.”

“These boys have to be seduced into getting close enough to this dead girl for her to devour them. So, it does get sexy. I think I’m pretty sexy in it,” she added.