Rob and Kristen fight over Megan?

Although they are not officially a couple, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart continue to hold all the headlines with their supposed romance. According to the latest reports, the two have started seeing more of each other again now that shooting for the third film in the series, “Eclipse,” has begun, but Stewart’s jealous fits are making it very hard for Robert to get along with her.

The National Enquirer (story via here) spoke with a source close to the two stars, and learned that they had been having issues because of Megan Fox. In fact, it’s not because of Megan that they’ve been fighting, but rather because Kristen is jealous of the “Transformers” beauty, with whom Robert went out on one or two dates in the past and with whom he was reunited at this year’s Teen Choice Awards, where they were both presented with the Choice Hottie Award.

As it turns out, it was precisely here that Kristen threw a hissy fit, the insider claims, as she thought Pattinson was a bit too touchy-feely with Megan up on the stage. “You’re into Megan Fox!” the 19-year-old actress reportedly told Robert the moment he returned from accepting his award, much to his chagrin. This is all the more frustrating for the British heartthrob, since it was Kristen who, until now, has been playing hard to get. To add insult to injury, Robert hates when girls make a scene, which is precisely what she did then, the same spy says.

“Rob couldn’t believe it at first. Kristen plays hard-to-get with him, then gets jealous over Megan? And she really ripped into him, saying, ‘I saw how you put your arm around her waist… I saw the way you touched her!’ Rob thought it was ridiculous. He told her: ‘Oh, for Pete’s sake! She’s just a friend. We were onstage together…that’s it!’” the National Enquirer writes, citing the unnamed, but reportedly reliable source.