Josh Brolin Talks About Making Out With Megan Fox

“Jonah Hex” star Josh Brolin dropped by “The Tonight Show” yesterday, and spilled some details about the upcoming big-screen debut of DC’s ex-confederate bounty hunter — including some thoughts on what John Malkovich brings to the lead villain role, and (we’re not making this up) what it’s like to make out with Megan Fox.

Show host Conan O’Brien also got Brolin to open up about another important element of the film: his chemistry with “Jennifer’s Body” actress Megan Fox.

“Yes, I made out with Megan Fox, which was nice,” laughed Brolin. “The thing is, I had a prosthetic on my face and it was very tough for me because of the way Jonah Hex is and the way the character is, there’s kind of a rope-idermis halfway through my mouth and half of my face is burned, so it’s very tough to figure out and find a way to get your tongue through.”