Upgrading Bumblebee For T3

Some of the changes according to TFW2005:
– A Carbon fiber Splitter on top of the roof of the new Camaro.
– New Side-Windows. (They are more “Pointy” than previous versions)
– New set of Rims previously unseen in Movie 1 and 2.
– New, much more open cut to keep the brakes of the Rear Tires cool.
– Black Stripes are now also on the roof of the car and carry a completely new design.
– New Side-Skirts.
– Newly added Front Splitter.
– Redesigned Fog Lights with a Guard.
– Overall Streamlined Design mimicking Chevrolet Stingray Concept (Sideswipe) with Carbon fiber Side Mirrors.
– A Rear Carbon fiber Spoiler.

I think it looks better then the first one and i’m not really into cars.