Megan talks about Brian

Megan Fox has revealed that she felt electrocuted the first time Brian Austin Green touched her accidentally. She had an inkling that they are made for each other the first time they had touched each other physically. They had a long term affair and called it off for a very brief period of time, only to get back together again.

Fox commented that even though she did not know Brian earlier, she developed an instant liking for him when Brian appeared as a guest actor on the U.S.sitcom ‘Hope and Faith’ in 2004. Fox had a major role in that sitcom.

The 23 year old actress felt that he had brought stability in her life for which she had always craved. In an interview to Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, she told that with time, she has changed a lot. Not only she progressed, she also regressed at times and has gone through difficult times.

She believes that she can hold on to Brian whenever she feels insecure and unstable. Brian has brought back the spark that was missing in her life and she has never looked back since then. She has found her ‘rock’ and this is what she needed most in her life.