Puretrend Interview With Megan Fox

[Translated] Unlike other young starlets, Megan Fox did not create perfume in her name nor had the pretension to launch her own clothing line. No, Megan Fox is over. She wants to be more than a fleeting star. More than a fleeting fantasy. Star movies of boys, she wants the lead role in the daily beauty of girls. Named muse beauty of the Armani brand , it aspires to be an icon, not just a sex bomb…

How do you feel being the face of Giorgio Armani Beauty?

I am honored to be associated with Mr. Armani and to take part in this campaign. We worked together on the Emporio Armani Jeans and lingerie and I’m very flattered to embody today Armani Beauty.

What do you like Giorgio Armani makeup?

I loved the products before they ask me to be the ambassador of the line. They are just perfect for me. They are beautiful and the highest quality.

The make-up artists often with my makeup products Giorgio Armani for movies or magazines. And indeed, this line is in all respects faithful to what is Armani: Technology and femininity. I am very pleased to be associated with a brand that has such prestige.

Can you tell us more about your relationship with Mr. Armani?

I feel he respects me so much and I must admit that I admire greatly. He knows exactly what he wants and I learned a lot working with him, observing his way of working. The moment I met him, I was struck by his warmth and passion he devoted to his family, life and its brand.

Wear his creations showcases my personality: it gives me confidence that the image I project.

Do you like the photo shoots? Is it very different from shooting film?

The photos are generally silent beauty, so there is no reply to rewrite. But it should nevertheless play a character and it can be stressful to get to be perfectly fair.

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