Diablo Cody: “I’m boycotting T3 because it’s Megan-free”

Diablo Cody was asked what movies she’s looking forward to seeing this Summer and Transformers 3 is not on the list.

“I’m boycotting Transformers 3 because it’s Megan-free. I have to. I’m a huge Megan Fox loyalist. I adore her, and I loved her chemistry with Shia. No offense to, uh, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, she looks like a lovely girl — but I feel like Megan brought a special sparkle to that series. I mean, it’s pretty unprecedented for an actress to talk shit about a director like that, so I can kind of see why Michael Bay got pissed off. It’s his prerogative. But Megan will be missed.”

source: NYmag.com