Is Megan Fox the Most Interesting Thing About Transformers?

Why is all the press surrounding the new Transformers movie about Megan Fox, who isn’t even in the movie? Is this the studio’s plan?
—Junebug, Atlanta, via the inbox

It’s a delicious conspiracy theory, isn’t it? We imagine a smoky back room, filled with studio execs. They take a look at the final cut of Dark of the Moon, wail and moan as their eyes bleed out of their sockets, and then decide to market the whole mess by trashing franchise refugee Megan Fox.

So is this what happened? I asked around:

Likely, not.

Yes, by many accounts, this is not a good movie, even by blockbuster-sequel standards. It bows this week—but it’s gotten a stinky 39 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes. CNN is calling it “lousy,” Rolling Stone warns that viewers run the risk of “dying a little inside,” and my buddy Garth Franklin at Dark Horizons went so far as to say that watching the film was like “being urinated upon.” The biggest complaint: that despite all the exploding robots, the story is just empty. There is no there, there.

Still, it’s unlikely that the studio behind the film orchestrated its marketing campaign around trashing Megan Fox. Publicists are evil, but they’re not, I am told, that evil.

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