Megan Fox “Beautiful Down To Earth”

Translated as best as I could get it

Animal lover, but also shopping, Megan Fox talks about movies, love and beauty. Read the stories of a beautiful girl secrets that you would have it as a best friend.

Every year is among the sexiest women in the world, and her name is one of the most popular on the Internet. Play in a new movie – Friends with Kids – Jon Hamm with alluring and Giorgio Armani himself has chosen an image and also the muse for the entire line of beauty products and perfumes the house Armani.

Lately, Megan Fox chose to take refuge in their own home rather than to make appearance at Hollywood parties. An appointment in Los Angeles, somewhere in the west of Hollywood, one morning in May. Megan Fox is unaccompanied driving a black SUV with tinted windows. It is small and cute, wearing a cap securely attached to the head, jeans, a striped shirt and slippers. I notice the porcelain skin, eyes blue metallic black hair, petite figure, but voluptuous at the same time, the opposite look anorexic.

Music 50s hot atmosphere: Marilyn Monroe sings Diamonds are girls best friends, while Megan Fox is the makeup. Start shoot is quiet and just look charismatic photographer Kayt Jones approval, following her every indication sirguincioasa. “It’s very fast, it was fun and easy,” said Megan afterwards.

When you look on Megan, you can not see that all the pictures I succeed perfectly. Light falls on her face in an ideal way. It is incredibly photogenic, even magnetic. Always careful and professional, sometimes smiling, Megan Fox skillfully manages to pose even standing in the tub, jumping on the trampoline, arranged a few peonies or prepare lemonade at home. Certainly kept her secret talent “perfect housewife”!

He had several claims, of course: their make-up artist, hair stylist own, personal assistant, personal chef, dresser, and her private area, only I dared to speak with her, we approach it. I feel it is strong , reserved and discreet and not so outspoken on how it seemed when he starred as the sexy mechanic, with Decepticons on planet Hollywood.

Then appear outrageously sexy, tanned, full of tattoos and even bisexual. But what does it matter? After seduced every man in Jennifer’s Body, married Brian Austin Green and now its out in turn each tattoo. We call it the post-rebellion?