Megan Fox: “I Am Much More Than Tabloid Meat”

Translated to English
The star of Transformers wanted to be an actress since she was two years. Now, more than twenty years later, back onto the swing of Vogue to confess that, although it is considered one of the sexiest women in the world, she feels “very old”.

At just turned 25, Megan Fox is presented as a woman who feels powerful when she does what everyone is afraid of doing or saying: “When you’re honest, even in bad times, continue with your head held high. I want to be original and still be myself. I am much more than a tabloid meat just looking to sell.”

“If I want something I will fight for it, I will not roll back, I’m not intimidated. That’s one of my best qualities,” emphasized herself the feminine image of Armani, a company which shares the spotlight with Rafa Nadal, masculine image of the brand, in his opinion “a great choice.”

But Megan Fox does not want her beauty is a limiting factor in their career. Hence, the interpreter has decided to use it as a “tool” and not live it yet: “That so many people say that I was beautiful made me feel insecure, it is almost unbearable.”

On his work at Fox orders Judd Apatow has nothing but good words and says that from now on, just want to work with people like him: “It’s the best comedy film director is in Hollywood right now. It has a weird sense of humor.”

The same goes with her companions in the film Friends with Kids, Kristen Wiig and Mesh Rydolph, those who appreciates the assistance provided to him during the filming of her scenes: “They are very talented, hilarious, but also very attentive. Were pending me throughout the filming.”


Despite feeling comfortable and safe with the flash of Hollywood, Megan Fox claims to be a simple girl in private home as no one enjoying an afternoon lying on the couch or playing a game of games.

Follower of the brothers Gasol, the actress did not hesitate to say that when the time comes you have children, stop working to care for her care. However, Fox is now enjoying life with her husband, Brian Austin Green, whom he confesses, he steals the cowboys when at home.

“I live in a permanent state of happiness. If you know that you are committed to the relationship, it is worth marrying,” said an actress who, at twenty-five years, says she has matured, which is why she has decided to start removing tattoos.