Chris O’Dowd defends Megan Fox

He will appear in This Is 40, a follow-up to Knocked Up, which also stars Paul Rudd and Jason Segel and is out later this year.

In one scene that will make a lot of men very jealous, Chris appears in a swimming pool with Megan Fox. He jokes: “She insisted on the swimming pool scene. She was just very keen to see me in swimwear — and I don’t think she was disappointed.

“It’s a scene where I fight for her affections at a barbecue. It’s just lucky I didn’t have to wear Speedos. I was in quite high Hawaiian shorts instead.”

Megan has a reputation as a diva on film sets after falling out with Transformers director Michael Bay. But Chris is quick to defend her. He says: “She was an absolute sweetheart on set. I just don’t get the whole Michael Bay thing. I hate his f***ing films.

“They are bad. I don’t think she got enough respect for that argument — and of course, she’s a handsome woman too.”

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