Doritos Commercial Details

This is translated so I’m not sure if it’s correct. I don’t speak Turkish so I can’t give you an accurate translation.

Megan Fox was Doritos, Fritos and Doritos Akademili advertising film shots filled the classes for the first time to come to Turkey, Istanbul 2 days spent undergoing sympathetic player Megan Fox, the shootings, said eglendigini. Scenario by k?l?ktan k?gla in Fox, said he was proud of the work with Cranky Virgin. Megan Fox that everyone behaved itself very approachable, and stated that he wanted to come on holiday together with her to Turkey. In many parts of the world such as Canada, Egypt, which makes shots, beautiful stars of the team is very professional in Istanbul and said that shooting is very quick and easy.

Cranky is proud to work with Virgin; the Fox tells “I don’t what you are saying during the Shooting but nevertheless Seyfi Bey, and energy impressed a lot of fun,” he said. The Director was also working with great pleasure that Exploited Ozan, Fox told him that everyone behaves very approachable.

Istanbul for the first time she came to play in the world of the Doritos ad Fritos sexiest stars Megan Fox from ?stanbul, were affected. Her husband would come back to Turkey for the holidays with that sexy stars being excellent in the middle of Europe and Asia, he said. A special night in Istanbul on the Bosphorus by boat during the trip, Fox, Hagia Sophia, and did not neglect to drink Turkish coffee ready. n Fox Doritos was Akademili in, filled classes.

Megan Fox school girl Doritos commercial? Let’s hope so!