Megan Fox talks Brian Austin Green proposal and love

Former Transformers actress Megan Fox has revealed how her husband Brian Austin Green Proposed to her before the couple ended up getting married. Megan also admitted that Brian does not like it when she spends a lot of money on expensive gifts for him, as she has never really spent a lot of money on anyone else in her life.

Fox explained, “He proposed way back before we got married, it was nothing big or romantic. I was 19 when he proposed, just entered 20. I came from work and was very tired. He was sitting on the couch and bought a ring for me. He asked if I will marry him. Nothing sumptuous really.”

She added, “People like myself do not like spending money, I do not like to spend for myself, I love spending for the person I love and care I began to spend money after I met Brian. I bought him cars and motorcycles. He hated that I’d buy him expensive gifts but I loved it.” Megan Fox can next be seen on the big screen when she appears in the Judd Apatow comedy This Is 40, which is set to be released on December 21, 2012.