Megan Fox Covers Cosmo (Turkey)

Transformers the movie-catching exhibit successful performance of the acting world and sought-after names in recent years become one of Hollywood Megan Fox bad girl image, albeit reluctantly and slowly tried to wipe hard to draw. How? The answer to the secret of this conversation!

[Translated] Poor girl, sexy, female fox … Since 2007, the Transformers movie costarring Megan Fox is telling them at the beginning of words. Beautiful 25-year-old star also known for its breathtaking beauty, as well as open sözlülü?üyle. The best example, a journalist who interviewed him last year, 90 percent of Hollywood’s narcissistic people söylemesiydi occurred, this output had attracted attention.
When we get together in an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles Jones’ta Contrary to concerns in the visible and in front of me stood a very different Megan. Wavy hair, natural makeup and heels, cream-colored cardigan in tones of red carpet Megan Fox is completely different.
After switching ordered spaghetti and meatballs for dinner the waiter smiled and thanked lightly. When asked about the reason for the rough and boot the image of a strong woman began by saying: “I thought my body was made ??because of tattoos. I also asked the question I answer without thinking upon, this state is so crazy people. I think I draw the image of women is difficult without being aware of people around me. In fact, no I’m not such a one. ”
In the new film and start talking about his private life, everything becomes evident. Beyond the obvious fact I have a very different Megan. So, how is it?

Funny girl on Sexy Women Adventure Pass
Megan Fox, Transformers, Jennifer’s Body, played by sexy films, holding that breaks, you want to bring out the funny side vamp characters, unlike the report says. Take part in the coming days, wonderful acting, as well as three new jokes in the film is getting ready to pull the attention. “When I first started this job, but now I know I did not know exactly what you want. I want to take part in comedy films. Around, funny, and fun work environment is a set of sounds so good people,” he says.

Starring Adam Scott, Maya Rudolph and Kristin shared Wiig’le film Friends With Kids have nothing to do remotely close to being the mother, but a young dancer who has been flirting with someone who plays the little boy. In the film the audience, but so far the sexiest Megan Fox’la a fun encounter. The film with the director and screenwriter Jennifer Westfeldt, how to see the Megan Fox says: “Megan, incredibly polite and funny. Also certainly very clever woman. People think Megan did not recognize good enough.”
Beautiful star will be determined to a great deal to show the funny side in our country that will be released in May, Sacha Baron Cohen who plays himself in his film The Dictator.
Until the end of this year, with the beautiful star Jason Segel Also starring in the films Knocked Up This Is Forty and getting ready to come up. Sagel costar, Megan says that it is an incredibly talented player. “Film we made ??at a location near the pool bikini for the first time I saw Megan. I must confess that I thought beautiful. Comedy branches are struggling to improve themselves.”
Megan, on comments made ??about his fans very excited after watching the movie. “Never be afraid to do something new. A job to do it by placing complete my head.”
See how he explains the secret of Megan so much trust in, “My feelings are very strong. In the past few projects I’ve been very into me and breaks sinmeyen was, as expected. This is for the three films I feel very good things. I always need to follow the instincts.”