Megan Fox Wears Lingerie in Campaign for Sharper Image

The former “Transformers” star is the new face of the gadget retailer. No word on whether or not she will also appear in their catalogs.

They know there’s nothing like a scantily clad female to arouse men to buy things that will hopefully get them the attention of scantily clad females. A nearly naked woman makes men’s pupils dilate, apparently opening up their wallets.

That’s probably why Sharper Image has chosen sultry starlet Megan Fox as the new face of the iconic brand. Her sexy campaign will debut later this year, and will likely include TV commercials as well as print ads — perhaps even an appearance in the Sharper Image catalog.

This makes perfect sense, since the majority of Sharper Image’s high-end electronic items and super cool home gadgets are purchased predominately by men.

So to get the guys all warmed up, the company has released this first look at Megan, wearing black stockings, black lace panties and bra, covered discreetly with a tailored men’s shirt. She’s sprawled on a bed with manly neutral sheets and a cozy fur spread, and she’s holding what looks like a tablet. On the bedside table, there’s a digital alarm clock that reads 9:04 P.M.

You can download the wallpaper in our freebie section!