Megan Fox Is the Hottest Baby Mama-to-Be

It’s the year of the celebrity baby mama! We haven’t seen a baby boom like this in years. Everyone from Snooki to Tori Spelling is reportedly preggo — some first-timers and some long-time mothers. Adele is probably the most newsworthy pregnancy at the moment, as it was announced pretty recently and without warning. We wanted to know who the hottest baby mama-to-be is.

There really wasn’t any competition for Megan Fox. She’s considered one of the hottest celebrities without any parameters, so why wouldn’t her baby bump top a limited list? She scored twice as high as Adele, the next-hottest baby mama-to-be. But despite the overwhelming win, Megan Fox didn’t take every single demographic.

Adele Impresses the 45-54 Crowd
Actually, the only good-sized demographic that Fox didn’t win was the 45-54 age group, who were twice as likely to pick Adele. It’s easy to try and write the shift off as a fluke, but the group had a decent number of voters, and the scale of the shift suggests there’s some real truth to it. Voters of a certain age are enamored by Adele. Incidentally, Adele also took the $100K+ demographic.

Fox Skews Skinny
Weight has been a public issue for both Fox and Adele. Fox has been accused of being too thin, and Adele has been accused (by one fashion designer, at least) of being “too fat.” Neither of those statements are necessarily true, but their respective weight classes did seem to have an effect on how people voted. About 51% of slim voters picked Fox, compared to just 37% of voters with “love handles.”