Brian Austin Green Talks About Megan & Noah!

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest Tuesday, actor Brian Austin Green has spoken out on how he and his wife Megan Fox have managed to keep their child’s birth a secret for almost a month, commented on being a father again and his new show, “The Wedding Band.”

“We got really lucky and I’ve been wanting to send Reese Witherspoon flowers for like a month and a half now, because she actually gave birth the day before us in Santa Monica and we were lucky enough to go in at like 2:30 in the morning to the hospital and nobody knew,” Green said.

He continued, “We got home and thought, ‘this is unbelievable.’ Because we weren’t expecting to be able to get away with it. We were expecting all the guys to be in the hallways, in the parking structure, and all that stuff. So, we just figured we would go with it as long as we could.”

Meanwhile, the new (again) father commented on his son Noah Shannon, now almost two months old. He said, “He sleeps, but it’s only in like 3-hour increments. So, you get about 3 hours, then he’ll kind of fuss about something. First you spend 10 minutes figuring out where you are, then you realize, ‘Oh I’m home and it’s my child.’ Then you figure out what it is that’s wrong whether it’s a diaper or hungry or that you punched him while you were asleep. You kind of go through the whole thing.”

“I really felt young for my age until my new son was born. Literally, I’ve never felt so 40 in my life. He’s really good,” he also said.

Green is star of a new television series, “The Wedding Band,” about a group of friends who perform at weddings.

“We do 3 songs every episode and we’re covering a little bit of everybody on the show. I think all the songs are going to be available on iTunes afterwards. A lot of 80s stuff. We’ve done a few songs from ‘Flashdance’ and that type of thing. We did ’99 problems,’ which was pretty fun,” he said.