Avon Facebook Chat Q&A

Question: Which Avon product is your favorite?
Answer: Avon Instinct and Skin So Soft

Question: Will you be wearing your new fragrance?
Answer: Yes, of course

Question: How would you describe the freshness of your fragance?
Answer: It’s clean and fresh with floral fruity notes

Question: What are the distinctive smells of the Instinct fragrance?
Answer: Sandalwood and camellia

Question: Hey Megan, whats your favourite song to get ready to? It’d be awesome if you considered making a blog or something – your witty sarcasm is refreshing xo
Answer: I get ready to Ancient Aliens, the TV show

Question: Do you use any Avon products?
Answer: Hi Megan – my earliest memory was using Skin So Soft as child when I was growing up in Florida.

Question: What the Avon Instinct perfum means to you?
Answer: The fragrance represents confidence and feeling sexy

Question: How do you feel being the spokeswomen for a new Avon fragrance?
Answer: I was so excited to learn that I would be the face of Avon Instinct. I have always been a fan of Avon because of the work that they do to support women’s causes such as finding a cure for breast cancer – so it feels like a natural fit.

Question: What’s your beauty secret?
Answer: Never underestimate the power of good moisturizer and always wear good sunscreen.

Question: what is your basic makeup essentials that you cannot live without?
Answer: Mascara and lip balm.

Question: what is your fav type of movie?
Answer: Pixar movies

Question: Hey ! Whats your best hair product??
Answer: An intense conditioner

Question: Your skin is so pretty! What’s your daily skincare routine?
Answer: Lots of SPF

Question: Can you just say hi Cheyenne it would mean the world to me
Answer: Hi Cheyenne

Question: You were awesome in This is 40. Now just say Jason.
Answer: JASON!

Question: what color you like to wear on your nails ? Megan Fox
Answer: Deep red

Question: Do you remember the first Avon product you ever used? what was it?
Answer: Skin so soft

Question: Hi Megan, Can you give us your official instagram name !?
Answer: I don’t have Instagram. Just a Facebook page.

Question: Hi Megan Fox, what do you think when people say your beauty is fake? Do you like poems or are they too much romantic?
Answer: I love poems, did you write one for me?

Question: Hi Megan, can you say Hi to my friend Moki, he’s you biggest fan!
Answer: Hi Moki

Question: Hey megan what is your favorite video game
Answer: Viva Pinata

Question: Avon Instinct is amazing, I was obsessed since day one! What’s – in your opinion – best about it?
Answer: The scent is sexy but fresh

Question: What is your favourite childhood memory?
Answer: The first time I went to Disney World and road the Haunted Mansion.

Question: Have you ever visited croatia? If not you should!!
Answer: I haven’t! I’d love to go there because I hear the beaches and water are beautiful!

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