Megan for New York Post

Megan for New York Post

Megan stuns in a new photoshoot for the New York Post! Check out the photos and interview below.

Megan Fox on ‘dream boy’ Machine Gun Kelly, and helping girls come out

NY POST – You want to talk about life imitating art? Hollywood crucified Megan Fox, and now she’s back, with absolutely zero f–ks to give, and a role as an alluring vampire in the new Netflix horror movie “Night Teeth.”

It’s a plot twist straight out of “Jennifer’s Body,” her 2009 horror-comedy first panned as a misfire, then elevated to feminist cult classic. It’s also the movie that inspired countless women to come out of the closet, in part thanks to Fox’s steamy makeout scene with Amanda Seyfried (and also with a lighter, but that was more of a demonic possession thing).

“I can’t tell you how many girls, from 30 down into their teens — or, f–k that, my age, too — come up to me and are like, ‘I realized I was gay because of you,’ or ‘I felt comfortable coming out because of you,’ because of ‘Jennifer’s Body’ and the interviews I did about being bisexual before it was cool,” says the 35-year-old Fox, who celebrated Pride this year with a rainbow mani on Instagram and the caption “Putting the B in #LGBTQIA for over two decades.”

“That’s something that’s so important to me, that I’m so proud of,” she says. “If my purpose on Earth was to help one girl come out of the closet and feel OK about it, I had an amazing purpose here.”

Fox isn’t big on small talk. She’s an intense Zoom hang. It’s great. She speaks her mind in a way that I’m sure has caused many a publicist to tear their hair out over the years.

Fox isn’t holding back with her new relationship, either. She and former Alexa cover star Machine Gun Kelly have been positively scorching red carpets and Instagram with their public appearances, often with Fox dressed in as little as possible. Their Goth-tinged declarations of lust and undying love have made them the couple of the year. But even though Kelly towers over her, you get the sense it’s Fox calling the shots. (Exhibit A: a British GQ cover that features a crouching Fox pointing a gun at Kelly’s crotch.) In mid-September, she dominated coverage of the VMAs with her sheer, wet-look Mugler dress and thong, calling MGK her “future baby daddy” onstage — and, mischievously, just “Daddy” on the red carpet.

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