Did you know?

1. Megan reportedly auditioned for the role of Lisa, the super hot babysister in the Platinum Dunes remake of The Amityville Horror in 2005. She did not get the part though, it went to actress Rachel Nichols instead.

2. Is part Cherokee.

3. She is a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and would cry as a baby whenever she heard her voice. “I had immense empathy for her.”

4. Lord of the Rings is her favorite movie of all time.

5. Did not like Lindsay Lohan while filming Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. They did not get along.

6. Megan gained 10 pounds during the filming of Transformers.

7. At 21 years old, she’s 13 years younger than her fiancé, Brian Austin Green.

8. She used to be a waitress. She quit when male customers couldn’t keep their hands off her.

9. She thinks pot should be legalized.

10. She’s a big fan of the Strokes and Beastie Boys.

11. She did all her own stunts on Transformers, saying, “I actually had to step up and be the tough chick my character is supposed to be.”

12. She’s a fan of the Xbox 360 game “Gears of War.”

13. She grew up in Rockwood, Tennessee and described the home as “very poor.”

14. Megan started her dance and drama training at the age of 5.

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