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Empire’s 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

Megan Fox ranked #11 in 2013 Empire’s 100 sexiest Movie Stars poll. To see the entire list go here.

She gets a bad rap for being a Michael Bay fantasy icon in Transformers, and while she hasn’t yet found the perfect role where she doesn’t simply rely on her looks, she’s done decent supporting work riffing on her own hotness in This Is 40, How To Lose Friends And Alienate People and Friends With Kids. Plus, while the film itself didn’t quite gel, Jennifer’s Body gave her more of a chance to do something different – and she embraced it.


Happy Halloween!

Have a happy and safe Halloween!

7 Sexy Female Horror Monsters That Will Steal Your Heart (Literally)

Jennifer Check – ‘Jennifer’s Body’ (2009)
Monster type: Succubus

Positive Trait: You’ll never have to worry about serving her food that’s “too hot.”

Negative Trait: A pool is the last place you’ll want to be with her.

Acceptability of Monster Form: High

Chances of Survival: Medium*

Megan Fox’s looks, Diablo Cody’s voice, and a creamy nugget succubus interior – If the first two don’t kill you, the last surely will.

you’ll definitely need some backup – preferably female

‘The Dictator’ Official Trailer

Here is the first official trailer of ‘The Dictator’ which Megan Fox makes a cameo. I hope she makes more of an appearance during the actual movie than the trailer. I made captures and animations check them out below the video!

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from all the staff here at! Have a fun and safe night trick or treating and going to parties!

Merry Christmas!

I don’t know if I will be near the computer tomorrow, so I wanted to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas early. Stay safe when visiting your families and enjoy opening presents and singing carols!

Love, Christine