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Cosmopolitan April 2012

Megan Fox is going to be on the cover of Cosmo this coming April. Once I buy the magazine I will scan it for you guys so keep checking back. Click the image below to see a bigger version.

The Fantastic Ms. Fox

Megan Fox is a superhero. Not the reptile-under-the-removable-human-shell variety—think species Superwoman, complete with celestial looks and the power to render most males speechless with one glance. This is incontrovertible, incontestable, indisputable. So why hasn’t the idea-ravenous pack of Hollywood producers, studio chiefs, packaging agents and imaginators in coffee shops across the scribe universe figured this out? How have they missed the myriad clues?

Let’s start at the beginning. Megan Denise Fox was born (or crash-landed) in Oak Ridge, Tenn., on May 16, 1986. Alongside her sister Kristi, older by 12 years, Fox was raised in a strict domestic environment. Until about age 10, she attended a Pentecostal church complete with snake handling and revivals; as a little girl, she found escape in the Old and New Testaments, awed and entertained by the parting of seas, the plagues of locusts, and the many and varied fights and flights. “That passed for pop culture in our house,” Fox says, adding that the stories helped to initiate a lifelong interest in religions, and specifically in Christianity. “I’ve always been intrigued and repulsed by how divisive and hateful different Christian denominations are to one another despite their obvious commonalities and interconnections,” she says. Religion remains a central pillar in Fox’s life; she regularly attends an L.A. church that she says is “not judgmental, does not close its doors to anybody, and has a young, active, passionate congregation, which is how I like to experience church.”

Paradoxically, considering the many prohibitions she faced, Fox was allowed to perform from a very early age. She began dance class at the community center in nearby Kingston, Tenn., and created private re-characterizations of Dorothy Gale from The Wizard of Oz (Judy Garland was her childhood film idol). Her parents divorced when she was 5, and by the time Fox was 10, her mother Darlene had remarried and the family moved to Port St. Lucie, a small city on Florida’s Atlantic coast within easy driving distance of a much bigger stage: Miami. “It was close enough to pursue catalog modeling,” she says. “I started getting jobs quickly.” Fox has used adjectives like “abrasive,” “loner” and even “obnoxious” to describe herself during this period, and between ages 10 and 16 she was constantly grounded for transgressions that ranged from sneaking out of the house to “borrowing” the car long before she had a license.

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Vogue Spain – October Issue Scans

I’ve added magazine scans to our gallery of Megan Fox in Vogue Spain October 2011 issue. Such beautiful pictures, I will be adding the photoshoot to the gallery once I find them!

Megan Fox: “I Am Much More Than Tabloid Meat”

Translated to English
The star of Transformers wanted to be an actress since she was two years. Now, more than twenty years later, back onto the swing of Vogue to confess that, although it is considered one of the sexiest women in the world, she feels “very old”.

At just turned 25, Megan Fox is presented as a woman who feels powerful when she does what everyone is afraid of doing or saying: “When you’re honest, even in bad times, continue with your head held high. I want to be original and still be myself. I am much more than a tabloid meat just looking to sell.”

“If I want something I will fight for it, I will not roll back, I’m not intimidated. That’s one of my best qualities,” emphasized herself the feminine image of Armani, a company which shares the spotlight with Rafa Nadal, masculine image of the brand, in his opinion “a great choice.”

But Megan Fox does not want her beauty is a limiting factor in their career. Hence, the interpreter has decided to use it as a “tool” and not live it yet: “That so many people say that I was beautiful made me feel insecure, it is almost unbearable.”

On his work at Fox orders Judd Apatow has nothing but good words and says that from now on, just want to work with people like him: “It’s the best comedy film director is in Hollywood right now. It has a weird sense of humor.”

The same goes with her companions in the film Friends with Kids, Kristen Wiig and Mesh Rydolph, those who appreciates the assistance provided to him during the filming of her scenes: “They are very talented, hilarious, but also very attentive. Were pending me throughout the filming.”

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Megan Fox Covers ‘Amica’ Magazine!

Megan fox is on the cover of ‘Amica’ Magazine September 2011 issue. The magazine features a 10 page spread of beautiful photos of Megan and a great interview. Enjoy the scans!

The Most Beautiful Woman In The World

Megan Fox is on the cover of September’s Elle Magazine in Slovenia. The headline reads “Najlepša ženska na svetu” which means “The Most Beautiful Woman In The World”. I will look around the internet for higher quality scans and post them asap! She looks beautiful I can’t wait to see inside the issue!