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New look + Events Update

New look + Events Update

Megan Fox Network has a brand new look! The main site and gallery now have new matching themes. Thanks to Megan for the gorgeous header! I hope you enjoy the design as much as I do.

Back in April, I added three missing events from 2018 and 2019. Check them out below!

New Domain

Hi, Megan fans!
We now have a new domain You can still access the site from the old domain for a while. Updates are coming soon!

50m Facebook Friends!

Ellen Degeneres Appearance


It doesn’t get much foxier than screen siren MEGAN FOX! Fans of the actress anxiously await her return to the big screen when the “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” finally get their time to frolic in the limelight! Megan makes every movie tantalizing, whether she’s chasing down cars-turned-robots in the “Transformers,” or running around city sewers with Leonardo, Michelangelo & the gang. Even when Ellen is scaring her with a giant banana, Megan keeps it gorgeous! The Hollywood beauty and talented performer returns to chat, and hopefully share some stories of motherhood too!

Tune into Ellen on Monday, May 5th!


Site Plug: Stephen Amell Source

I’ve opened a new fansite dedicated to actor Stephen Amell. Stephen is well known as Oliver Queen in the CW series Arrow!


2012 Oscars Promo with Josh Duhamel

According to e! online Megan Fox and Josh Duhamel will be doing a promo for this years 2012 oscars. The clip hasn’t been posted on their site yet but I found a captured still. Once they do post it you guys will be the first to know.